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BN the Snacks Extraordinary Smiles is an instant-win game, where the participant enters a code found within the packets with the offer. After the first code has been entered, you can win a week end in the country side with family, and also participate to a big draw to maybe earn a trip to the Maldives. The more codes are entered, the more chances you have to win "extraordinary travels". The aim of the campaign is to bring children to a fun and amusing experience.

Where to find codes ?

To keep this positive atmosphere, if the child's code does not win, he or she may have fun with a mini game contest called "Take the pose", where he or she will incarnate their dream job by taking a photo in one of the 18 decors offered. The photo is then saved on their account and shown on the site galery. The photo that receives the most "BN mini smiles" (votes) will allow their owner to earn a fabulous family week-end.

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