Delivery tracking application
for Placo® drivers

UX & UI Design

Application splash screen


In order to improve customer satisfaction, Placoplatre, a company of the Saint-Gobain Group, offers to its drivers to reinforce their communication via a delivery tracking. Created exclusively for drivers who deliver Placo® products, this application allows them to send delivery tracking elements in real time to the customer. Realization of the UX and UI design of the mobile application, as well as the illustration of the splash screen, respecting the established graphic charter of Placo®.

Splash screen and login page: Transporter sets manually his codes  or he can use the scan function. Step start: Driver sets the estimated arrival time. Ecran Livraison en cours : If the transporter clicks on button “Je suis arrivé chez le client” time registered is the device time. Time is sent to the tracking system. Delivery in progress: Time change, the driver can change the arrival time on customer site if the arrival time is modified. On the delivery site: The transporter can write a new customer reservation, register his departure time from the customer site, or enter a specific arrival time on the customer site. End of the delivery: The driver must upload a picture of the proof of delivery, it’s possible to skip this step if he can’t send the proof, but it’s not recommended. Deliveries list and delivery details : This list contains the deliveries already done as well as the new ones which are linked to the transport set at login screen. Select a delivery to display its details. This screen displays information on the selected delivery and allows the transporter to update a part of the information relative to the delivery.
Mission : UX & UI design | Agency : Sigma Saint-Gobain | Client : Placo®